End of the Semester: Drone Final

Flying a small Hubson Drone through the hoop.

As most students are hitting the books and studying for finals, Dr. Lisa Suarez’s classes were hitting the skies to prepare for their spring final exam. The first two weeks in May, over one-hundred Cleveland Municipal School District students who were enrolled in Tri-C’s  EET2530 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle came down to the YTA’s Robotic Bay (Metro Campus) to fly a 500mm drone (Wheelbase or motor to motor diagonal size: 500mm. )

During the spring semester, students learned how to build and program the UAVs.  Other components of the class include Rules of Flying, FCC policy, Soldering, GPS Way Points and navigation.

Throughout the semester, smaller Hubsan drones

Hubsan Drone

 (Drone Size: 10.5 x 10.5 x 2.5 cm) were flown inside the classroom to understand the concept and mechanics of flying. For the students final exam, they were to fly the 500 drone through an obstacle course and land back at home base. Competitions were also held at Benedictine High School in Cleveland, OH, on their football field.



MC2 STEM High School Student at Tri-C Metro Campus
File_001 (1)
MC2 STEM High School Student at Tri-C Metro Campus
Benedictine High School

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