FIRST Robotics: Regional & National Competions

The Youth Technology Academy’s Team 120 made their 2017 debut at the FIRST Robotics regional held in Palmetto, South Carolina, March 2-4, 2017. This was the first competition since Team 120 won the 2016 FIRST World Championship last April and they did not disappoint. Though this year’s team consists of mostly newcomers to YTA, they were able to build a competitive robot that impressed judges and participants alike. While last year’s robot “stormed the castle,” crossing a variety of obstacles, shooting boulders into goals, and climbing a tower, this year’s robot required a different set of skills. The theme this season was “Steamworks,” a steampunk game that required robots to shoot balls (“fuel”) into a boiler, deliver gears to an airship, and climb aboard for “take-off.” Team 120 took on the challenge, using their 6-week build season to build an impressive robot that was able to shoot more balls than most other competitors, and climb the airship to earn extra points during each match. Thanks to the hard work and efforts of our students and industry mentors, Team 120 received the Creativity Award sponsored by Xerox for their unique design and game-play.

This past weekend, March 31-April 1, Team 120 competed at the Buckeye Regional held in Cleveland at Cleveland State University’s Wolstein Center. Though Team 120 did not make it to the finals, the students were able to figure out what changes they need to make to their robot before Worlds later this month. Our team will be heading to Houston for FIRST World’s Competition April 19, and our students are looking forward to the excitement of competing on a national stage once again. Good luck Cleveland’s Team!

Team 120 waits to compete next at Palmetto, SC
Team 120 Robot on the playing field at Palmetto, SC
Team 120 waiting to compete next at Palmetto, SC
File_000 (1)
Buckeye Regional at the Wolstein Center, Cleveland, OH
PIT area at the Buckeye Regional, Cleveland, OH

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